We invite all GAOME members to apply to one of the available Board positions. Only current members are eligible to be considered for a Board position. See our MEMBERSHIP page for more information on how to become a GAOME member.

Vice-President: assists the President and shall serve as President if the President is absent or temporarily incapacitated. The Vice President shall chair the by-laws committee and will present recommendations/amendments to the Board on a yearly basis. The Vice-President shall chair the Membership Committee and provide ideas to the Board on how to increase membership.

Secretary: shall record, distribute to the Executive Board, and transmit to the Association's regional representatives, minutes of each Executive Board meeting and the Association's Annual General Membership Meeting.

Treasurer: shall oversee the financial operations of the Association and shall present reports on the Association's financial operations and status to the Board and at the Association's Annual General Membership Meeting. 

Congressional District Representative: represents the needs and interest of their constituents and provide support to the Executive Board.